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BlackHawk Watch Process

BlackHawk Watch Process

BlackHawk Watch Process


Leasing a Home

LOCALIZED RENT ANALYSIS. You want to make the most possible from your rental, this we understand. Our industry experts will analyze the market & price your property accordingly. If you're interested in learning what can be done, so you can price your property at a different rental rate, we can help you with that too. 

Legal Aid


TENANT SCREENING. You want your property to produce a steady stream of income, we're here to help with just that. Little to no vacancy is not only your goal, it's ours too. A large part is ensuring you have qualified, satisfied tenants. We work to advertise your property so we can find the right tenant. 

Luxury Villa


WATCH & PROTECT. Like a Hawk we watch over your tenants and your property. Proactively protecting your investment so you don't have to. Protecting your investment is ensuring you have, satisfied tenants. Unlike most other other management firms, we work equally as hard to keep tenants happy so they will stay and care for your home as if it were their own.